El Club Español te Recibe con Brazos Aabiertos


Pictured is one of the caga tió’s made by the club.

Dominque Mendez, Ranger Review Staff

(The Spanish Club Welcomes You With Open Arms) 

One of the many clubs at Greely High School is the Spanish Club. The Spanish club is advised by Senora Margaret Corral (Spanish 3 and 5 teacher) and Senora Liz Rodas (one of the club advisors as well as Spanish 1 and 2 teacher), and takes place inside of Senora Corral’s “really big classroom” located in the art room where the club meets every Friday.

When asked what the Spanish club does, Senora Rodas said, “We just want to hang out and not improve, but enjoy our Spanish. We sometimes play games, do crafts, watch movies, have snacks, and we just generally try to have a good time in Spanish. We’re just generally having fun, but having fun in Spanish.” 

Though the first name of the club is “Spanish” the club doesn’t always speak Spanish.  However, the club tries their best to only speak Spanish. The rules are to “just speak your best Spanish. It looks different for everybody,” said Rodas. 

The club has been going on for a long time and if you’re like me and would love to watch movies and do crafts while speaking Spanish, the club is “absolutely- welcoming new members. We currently have 16 students. We could use some more. More would be good,” said Rodas. The Google Classroom join code for the club is fo3bi4t and they can’t wait for you to join!