Tucker Norwood makes 21,000 dollars in 2 months…

Tucker Norwood makes 21,000 dollars in 2 months...

Ranger Review Staff

playing a stock market game.  In Derek Soule’s Personal Finance class students competed in a national competition where students invest virtual money into the stock market and learn about the risks and rewards for investing.  The Maine State/Regional champion this year is senior Tucker Norwood.

About Tyler’s accomplishment, Soule said, “Tucker’s regional championship had nothing to do with luck.  He put the work in doing the research which led to strong investment decisions.  Tucker’s interest and passion for investing was obvious from the start but the hours he put in analyzing stock tips and data is what put him on the podium when it was all said and done.”

The RR sat down with Tucker to learn more about his achievement.


RR: How much did you make and over what time-period?

Tucker: I made $21,000 over the course of 2 and 1/2 months. A 21% increase.

RR: GOSH! And you started with how much money?

Tucker: $100,000

RR:  What’s your secret?

Tucker:  I watched the stock market a lot.  When my stocks dropped, I sold them to cut my losses.  I’d also buy stocks that dropped and were good buys.  I also purchased stocks that were about to release a new product.  Or I’d sell a stock that was receiving bad press.  I had a lot of good luck.

RR: What’s a stock that did well for you?

Stock Market Game winner:                      Tucker Norwood



Tucker: Disney.  I bought that one eight days before the game ended and just before the release of the new Spider Man movie. [Disney owns a stake in Marvel Studios]. That stock had a 4% increase in value because the Spider Man movie did well

RR: Do you plan to invest real money into the stock market someday?

Tucker: Yes.