Chloe Schueman wins 2022 Poetry Out Loud contest


Chloe Schueman (left) and Charlotte Libby

Ranger Review Staff

10th grader Chloe Schueman earned top score at the Poetry Out Loud Contest held in the GCA on January 11th.  The judges measure not only accuracy but also physical presence, voice and articulation , dramatic appropriateness, evidence of understanding, and overall performance.  Along with Schueman, three other sophomores competed: Jack Arey, Alina Schueman, and Charlotte Libby.  Charlotte Libby placed 2nd.

Each competitor recited two memorized poems.  Chloe Schueman chose for her first poem “the world is about to end and my grandparents are in love” by Kara Jackson and “I Knew a Woman” by Theodore Roethke.

English teacher Joan Guild has administered the Poetry Out Loud Competition for several years.  Though contestants were required to wear masks, each person still gave a solid performance.

“We had some setbacks as over half of the classroom winners had to back out of the competition for various reasons,” said Guild. “The four competitors were strong, persevered and the results were very close.”

To see a video of the competition, click here.