Face off against Yarmouth/Cheverus


Evan Dutil celebrates the winning goal.

Jack McKenney, Ranger Review Staff

You walk into the hockey rink and almost immediately you  feel the tension weighing over the rink as the two teams  get ready to face off in the season opener.

You hear the other schools’ students yell, “F##K Greely!” 

You think this will be a good game.

“We all knew what the task in hand was,” senior and captain of the hockey team Cam Malette said. “Everyone on the team is aware we are the defending champions, and we all wanted to go out and prove we are the top team in Class B.”  

When the teams took the rink, parents of the players and students cheered.  

When the warmups were over the two teams lined up on opposite sides of the rink and the starting lineups were announced. 

It was a very back and forth game in the opening period and both fan sections were cheering on their teams like it was the Superbowl.

By the end of the first period, the score was still 0-0, and that factor made the game even more intense because you couldn’t tell who was going to score the first goal.  

Then the second period started, and as the game went on it started to seem a little more one sided.  Yarmouth/Cheverus was taking over.  

“Teams like Yarmouth and Cheverus, they pack those people in [close to the net] and it’s very difficult to get shots off,”  head coach of the Rangers Barry Mothes said. “Because Yarmouth/Cheverus packed it in so close on defense, it gave them more opportunities on offense and because of this they scored a surprising goal in the second period. With this goal came an uproar of commotion from the opposing student section.  Their student section cheered in support while the Greely student section fell silent for a moment before realizing the game was nowhere near being over.  

After Yarmouth/Cheverus scored the goal, the two starting lineups went to their spots on the ice for the next face off.  The puck was dropped and the action continued.  Back and forth the two teams skated down the ice– going around the back of the net and passing to each other’s teammates–then just like that, the Yarmouth/Cheverus hockey team scored again.  This time the player that scored skated up to our student section and taunted you and the other fans..  That sent the students over the edge and they started screaming at the player in anger. 

After the commotion was over the morale of the student section was  low. We all thought it was over, and we didn’t know how our team could come back from this deficit. 

“As I said to the players in between periods, obviously when they got those two quick goals, it’s kind of tough and that first goal was kind of a shocker,” Mothes later said.  “I just said we had to go out there and try to win every shift, and we are not going to score two goals at once.”  

With the start of the third period the tempo started to shift in our favor. The Rangers were playing a better game and just like that, we scored a goal. We all jumped from our places out of joy and we had hope that we could win again.  Then shot after shot on net and our team picking it up both on the offensive and defensive end, we scored again.  And we cheered!  The Ranger fan section ran to the boards and slammed on the glass showing their support for our team.  

When the third period ended and the game was all tied up, we didn’t know if there would be overtime. But to our surprise, overtime started. There would be no tie if someone scored during overtime.

It was nerve racking how fast the game was going. Each team was taking shots all over the rink trying to get the winning goal, and with the period ending the Rangers got a fastbreak and we scored. We won!  We cheered! We rushed the glass and pounded our hands on it and cheered for our team, and as we walked out, you hear students singing “Naw naw naw naw! Hey hey hey, goodbye!”