A look at fashion trends of 2021!

Maia Wright, Ranger Review Staff

Here are the “hottest” fashion trends of 2021.  Some are new–and some are old styles made new again.


Color clashing 

The fashion industry has brought back color clashing! What is color clashing? It is when you wear two or more of the same or very different colors within the same outfit. For example, wearing a pair of red pants, a green shirt, and maybe a black or brown jacket; that would be considered color clashing. Why is this trend so popular? Why this year? As of recently, it seems as though the biggest/most broad trend in the past few years has been bringing back old trends, and color clashing is another trend of the past that is being revitalized and brought back to life. Step out of your comfort zone and try to clash some colors!

Y2k fashion trends

Y2k is a newer term for “street wear” styles. This includes things from baggy/low rise jeans and sweatshirts, chunky sweaters and sweater vests, cropped t-shirts, and big sneakers or boots. This is another trend that is being brought back from the early 2000s. Celebrities like singer Britney Spears, model Bella Hadid, and actor Ashton Kutcher have been sporting these looks and have been spotted wearing articles like these this year. 


Wide leg pants

After spending the last year of the COVID-19 pandemic wearing sweatpants to mostly every occasion, a new need for the sense of comfort has emerged. Skinny jeans are out of the picture for lots of people. So, wide leg pants are the new trend. “Mom jeans” have pretty much always been trendy, but they have been taken to a new level. Stacee Michelle said in an interview with TODAY, “the wide leg style can be flattering on all shapes, heights and sizes (and as evidenced by Harry Styles and Justin Beiber, men can also pull off the fit).”


The gothic style has been a trend for a few years now. However, only as of recently has it been looked upon as a trend. In years past, goth was basically just known as people who don’t know how to dress… so all they wear is black; or they were regarded as people who don’t know how to express themselves as anything other than mad or upset… so they wore black. Nowadays, there has been a lot more that has been discovered about the gothic style and lifestyle, and the type of clothes that entail the gothic style are more used as expression than anything else. Goth is mainly considered to be made up of elements like dark clothes (black, navy, purple, maybe some red), lots of dark makeup (like eyeliner and lipstick) and heavy accessories like chains and chunky boots. 

Chunky shoes 

Along with an accessory that follows along with the gothic style, chunky shoes and boots have been another big trend this year. When relating to shoes, chunky means big and clunky, often consisting of a platform sole/base. Chunky shoes are a good accessory to pair with maybe a boring outfit or something that is lacking a “wow-factor.” While many are in denial about the fact that they are still in style, in the ‘fashion headquarters’ of the world (AKA Europe, more specifically France) they are still very popular. 

There have been lots of styles brought back this year that have stood out to the general population. Whether they are old or new, lots of people are partaking in them!