Student Council Explained in 293 Words

From Spirit Week to Pumpkin Fest, Student Council works hard to bring fun to Greely.

Student Council Explained in 293 Words

Stephen Abel, Ranger Review Staff

Questions asked by: Stephen Abel

Answers by: Nora Dexter 

Q: What is the Student Council?

A: Student Council is the group that organizes the all-school events you know and love! Spirit week, dances, Pumpkin Fest– we are in charge of bringing fun to Greely.

Q: What upcoming events or plans are going to happen this year at Greely?

A: Our main focus right now is planning a dope Spirit Week. It’s been so long since we’ve been able to plan our regular events, so we plan to bring back some old favorites, but also introduce new surprises! We are going to put the spirit into Spirit Week, and we hope everyone will join in the fun.

Q:  How has Student Council impacted student lives at Greely?

A: Student Council improves student life at Greely by uniting the school with fun events and momentarily taking the stress out of everyday life. I think it’s important to remind students to try and get out of the study mindset every once in a while and really enjoy school.

Q: Why should students be a part of the Student Council?

A: The best way to get your ideas out to the school is by joining a club that will work to make them happen. If they hope to make school more enjoyable, joining Student Council is the quickest way to do it. We are always happy to hear new ideas and have more hands on deck. The more people working to make an event happen, the bigger they can be!

Student Council members use the board to collect all their amazing ideas.

Q: Is there anything I did not ask that you would like to say?

A: I feel so lucky to be able to lead a group of amazing people who all work hard to make others happy.