Stepping up for women’s rights

Stepping up for womens rights

Luna Smith , Ranger Review Staff

It started off as a IB CAS project in 2018 by Maggie McCormick and Annabelle Williams during their senior year but soon gained popularity and became known as ‘Girl Up’ club at Greely. 

Girl Up is  a club that advocates for gender equality by pushing for more women in education, healthcare, and the workforce. They try to help communities in hard to reach areas but have mainly stayed local, just like when they hosted a clothing drive for the woman’s shelter in Portland, Maine. 

12th grader Abby Irish has transitioned from member to co-president and now in 2021, is the official president of Girl Up. Irish says her proudest accomplishment was the holiday craft fair in the beginning of 2020 when they raised the most money. The majority of the money they receive is donated; however, they also try to educate the younger generation of girls to ensure that there will be a continuing voice for women. For example, they hosted a movie for middle and elementary school girls.

Girl Up member Sophia Rico hangs up a clothing drive poster.

Girl Up welcomes new members anytime and now that Irish is a senior, she hopes that an underclassmen would take over as the club president to keep the club active and growing. They typically meet twice a month, usually just to organize and plan events. 

“It’s an awesome club,” Irish says. “I wish there were more boys.” Irish plans to grow the club as well as do as many events as possible but also would like to attend virtual events to educate themselves about women’s equality.