It all adds up

It all adds up

Tim Walker, Ranger Review Staff

Farrah Alley and Vanessa Gribbin are math teachers at Greely High School and also math team advisors. As of now, the math team at Greely High School consists of about 10 students who meet after school to go over different math material that students will encounter at math meets.

Right now the math team is going over 5 topics. This includes 4 non-calculator topics which are probability, exponents and radicals, lines angles and polygons, and complex numbers. The 5th topic is arithmetic with percentages where a calculator is allowed, and then there is the team round. Alley spoke out about how the last two meets have gone. 

Math team members listen to instructions.

“Good. We are doing them in person this year which is good but we are not traveling to other schools,” Alley said. “We are hosting our own students at our own school for this year, but I think it’s going pretty well. We would love to have more participation and we would love to have more people on the team if possible.” 

They hope to grow their team and get more kids involved. Their 3rd meeting will be in December. The math team is a great club for any students who enjoy math and would like to compete in math competitions with other schools. To join the math team, you can go to one of their meets after school and talk to Alley or Gribbin about joining the team. Don’t hesitate to join because they could always use some more students!