Advisory Needs a Reboot

Advisory Needs a Reboot

Matiang Kouth, Ranger Review Staff

At Greely High School, every 20 minutes of the day is reserved for advisory. Advisory is a class of about 12 students and a teacher who stays the same throughout all four years of high school. In advisory, announcements are made about what’s going on in the school and community, but most of the time it’s a period where you’re on your phone.

According to the Greely High School website, “The purpose of advisory at GHS is to support students in a small group setting as they grow, change, and explore interest during their time at GHS.” I find this very interesting because I cannot recall growing or changing in my advisory. Occasionally in the class we’ll watch a video or presentation, but none of it helps us grow as students.

At GHS when you walk by an advisory, you will typically see a teacher doing their own work on their laptop, some students socializing, and some students on their phones. These advisory groups are based by alphabetic order so you can be placed with students you don’t know at all. Though this can be an opportunity to connect with students, many struggle to form any type of enduring friendship.

As for seniors, it’s required you go to advisory or you will lose your senior privileges. This makes no sense for seniors who have 3rd and 4th period study halls as they have to drive all the way back to school to sit in a classroom for 20 minutes. That isn’t time efficient and can waste gas which most of us have to pay for.

Instead of advisory, GHS should try to extend each lunch period by about 6-7 minutes. This would relax students a lot more and give them more free time in the middle of the day.