Want good Middle-Eastern cuisine? Give Baharat a try.

Want good Middle-Eastern cuisine?  Give Baharat a try.

Boden Iris, Ranger Review Staff

Baharat is a Middle Eastern themed restaurant in Portland, Maine. The name Bharat is the Arabic word for “Spices.” The restaurant is located at 91 Anderson St, Portland, ME. The area where it is located has been developing into a tourist destination rapidly over the past 10 years. Down the street from Baharat are breweries, a bowling alley, a taco restaurant, and a surf and turf bar. Many restaurants and breweries are moving in, making this backside of Portland well known. Baharat is small compared to its neighbors. It sits on the corner of a main street and a residential road.

With a more open floor plan and big windows, the outdoor seating and indoor blend together in an inviting way. I sat outdoors with my family. The Baharats’ menu was different looking from a normal menu. While they did have big platters that you could order like the falafel plate and the chicken plate, they had a separate section called Mezze. These were shareable small plates that my family and I were encouraged to try by the waitress. As many meals are like this in the Middle East, Baharat’s menu consists mostly of these small dishes. You are supposed to order lots of different things and all share them.

My family ordered the Za’atar deviled eggs, falafel, beef kabab, and hummus with Iraqi flatbread. The portions came out separately which made the table a lot less overwhelming. The highlight of the meal was the beef kebab and the falafel. The beef kabab had intense seasoning and was cooked thoroughly. The falafels had a hint of lime and an especially soft inside while the exterior was still crunchy. Overall, the experience I had was amazing. The food was great and the location was admirable, and on top of this, the wait for the food wasn’t long either.

This is a great place to go with friends, the shareable meals force engagement with the people you’re eating with, making for an even more pleasurable experience.