Rachel’s on the Green is Worth the Visit


Maia Wright, Ranger Review Staff

As you may know, Rachel’s on the green is known for their Sunday morning buffet. However, I went on a recent Sunday, and there was no buffet?

My family and I used to go to Rachel’s on the Green in Cumberland, on the Val Halla golf course (AKA “the Green”) almost every Sunday so we could get breakfast from their amazing buffet. So, as you could imagine, I was quite disappointed when I walked through the doors and found that they are no longer doing the buffet… Ever again? 🙁 

Regardless, I went to Rachel’s with my sister and two cousins. Unfortunately, we found out after we ordered that their head chef was on vacation… so it took 2 hours to get our food. Let me just say, we were all a little “hangry” by the time we got it. I got the “Rachel’s Power Wrap” to start off my morning. Unfortunately again, I ordered sausage in it and it did not come with sausage. But, I can only imagine how much stress the interim chef was under on a fairly chaotic morning, so I let it slide. The wrap itself was good. I added some salsa and sour cream which added a little extra flavor and made it just that much better. I would rate it an 8/10 on a good day when the chef, Mike, is there, but today I would have to give it a 4.5. It was pretty sad. 

Overall, I love going to Rachel’s because it feels very home-y to me since my family has been going there for so long. We are even on a very personal first-name-basis with the woman we see working behind the bar almost whenever we go, Patty. She says that she “has a little heart attack” whenever she sees how much my sister and I have grown since the last time we went. In the end, I would rate the Rachel’s on the Green experience, including all aspects like the food (not specific to this visit) and the environment, a solid 8.5/10!