New Bad Weather Policy is Good!

New Bad Weather Policy is Good!

Tim Walker, Ranger Review Staff

Greely has come up with some new guidelines regarding closings and delays due to weather. This year, if there is a delay or closing, you will hear from the school by phone message, text, and/or email by 6:00am. Along with that, for snow days, the school will get two snow days without remote classes, and after that there will be remote classes during these closings. 

For me, I like this change because it allows us to have a couple closings where we don’t need to do anything for school and can enjoy the closings. I also like how after those two closings without classes, we then have remote classes which allow us to have those closings and not add extra days at the end of the year. 

Last year, having remote learning allowed us to change the closings to this new format, so I like how we don’t have to add multiple days at the end of the year. We can have a longer summer! I also like how we are utilising our remote learning resources that the school paid for last year. 

I think having remote learning on snow days is effective for students who want five days of teacher guidance and lesson plans. Essentially, the structure of having online classes would benefit students and the overall structure of school because having these classes in a row allows them to retain the information better and ask questions about the learning that would not be accessible to them if there were no remote learning on snow days. Personally, I think this is a good change that the district has done and it should benefit the students.