Will the Celtics Have a Good Season?

Will the Celtics Have a Good Season?

Manny Mendoza, Ranger Review Staff

We’re a month into the new NBA season!  Fans are back and the bubble is no longer needed for the season to progress during the pandemic. The Celtics aren’t winning a lot of games.  Will the Celtics be able to make their way back to the higher seeds throughout the season, or will they stay at the bottom. 

Brad Stevens, who had been the head coach of the Celtics for eight seasons, recently decided to transition into the franchise’s new head of basketball operations. This left Ime Udoka as the new head coach for the Celtics. 

The Celtics are a very young team, and with a new head coach, it is hard to know where they will end up during the season. Although they are young, they have many talented players such as Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, etc. 

Jayson Tatum, only 23 years old, has shown the NBA what he is capable of. He has been a leader for the Celtics and has shown tremendous growth in the very few years he has been playing in the NBA. Behind him are many young, inexperienced players who have a bright future ahead of them. 

It will be difficult for the Celtics to transition into one of the top seeds in the Eastern conference, and while facing superteams and some of the greatest players in the world, it will make it much more challenging. With 17 titles on their shoulders, the Celtics may eventually be able to add to that number.