MSAD 51 Unveils New District Website


Spencer Osgood, Ranger Review Staff

On November 1st, 2021  Dawna Green, a member of the technology software support staff, gave a presentation to the school board about a new website for all the schools in the MSAD 51 district. Since 2010 the district has used classic Google sites as a platform for the website.  Google recently announced it would no longer support that platform, creating the need for a new website.

 Committees were formed to decide what company would host the new platform.   The committees rated 7 different websites based on their elements as well as references from other schools. This process led them to choose Edlio as the new platform for the district website. The committee also liked its modern look and communication tools.

“I would not have chosen to move to a new website during a pandemic,” said Green. “But with losing our support for our current website platform it was a necessity. I want to thank everyone who met virtually, conducted research, and learned something new during this very difficult time.

The website was launched on November 5th but still could have small issues that will be resolved as they are found. Accompanying this website is an app that is in the works, which would feature push notifications for important information relating to Greely.

The new website is now reachable at the same link as the old,