9th Graders adjust to new school and workload


Manny Mendoza and Tim Walker

With upperclassmen slowly getting used to five days a week and trying to make the most out of their last year in high school, it leaves the question of how the next four years will go for the current freshman class.

For these students, they are slowly learning their way around the school with new teachers and an older group of students surrounding them.

Students can cope with these changes in many ways, and in a recent interview, 9th grader Alex Mendoza talked about how he has been moving with the crowd.

“It’s not as bad as I thought it would be,” said Mendoza, “The only thing that has been hard is finding my way around. It took me a bit to get used to the school, but I know my way around now.”

This is likely the case for most freshman students going from the middle school to the high school, along with the changes of covid protocols and safety.

“I would say I feel safe in school most of the time, but when I’m walking to classes it gets really crowded,” said Mendoza.

Along with getting used to the school, the freshmen have also had to adjust to the academic differences from the middle school to high school curriculums. 9th grader Kade Ippolito shared his thoughts.

“The work difficulty is the same,” said Ippolito. “Not harder, but it’s more tedious and time consuming.”

After being in middle school for 5 years, the class of 2025 seems to be settling in and getting used to the new school.