Greely considers ALICE training, a new method for dealing with an active assailant situation


Spencer Osgood

ALICE Stands For…

Spencer Osgood, Ranger Review Staff

ALICE, which stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate, is a program that offers training for active assailant situations to schools, workplaces, law enforcement, medical facilities, and churches. The Greely community is pushing for ALICE training. Some schools, like Yarmouth High School, have already done this training. 

“I am an ALICE certified instructor, a program that is designed to deal with active assailants and violent intruders,” said School Resource Officer Amie Owen. “I would love to share those concepts with the school. There are people in the school community who are really pushing for it.”

ALICE training started in 2000 by a law enforcement officer and his wife who was a principal. They were moved to start the program after the Columbine High School Shooting in April of 1999. ALICE is focused on what should happen in the time between when the assailant enters the building and when law enforcement arrives. According to, students should “Run from danger when safe to do so using non-traditional exits if necessary. Rallying point should be predetermined.” This is different than Greely’s typical Lockdown procedure where students are supposed to sit down in a corner away from windows and doors.