Dear Soccer Fans, Be Nice.


A Greely student holds a sign at the Oct. 15th soccer game versus Yarmouth

Luna Smith Mejia, Ranger Review Staff

In a soccer-centric community like Greely, students go “all out” for games; this means dressing to different themes, standing throughout the game and shouting distinct cheers. 

On September 21st the Greely girls soccer team played Grey-New Gloucester. That night, both fan sections got particularly rowdy. After back and forth interactions, tensions grew higher and fans from the Gray-New Gloucester side called a Greely student a “dyke.”

Another incident occurred on September 27th when the Greely boys soccer team played Sacopee Valley High School. At this particular game a Greely student made some offensive remarks about a player from the opposing team that a lot of people heard.

Athletic director David Shapiro has taken matters into his own hands. He has banned negative comments, and now only positive reinforcement can be made. He shows up to all home games and monitors the student fan section. 

Students should not have to worry about homophobic comments at a high school game. It should not be the reason why they are afraid to watch a school game. At the end of the day we are all humans and want to be treated with respect. This means do unto others what you want done unto you. Students should to be able to express their excitement any way they want while keeping in mind that the players can hear you, and what may sound like joking banter from you could sound like hurtful comments to others. Name calling and bad talk should never be condoned. Although the games occur outside of school, Greely students should come to games to support and represent the school. Having a scandal because of rowdy fans only makes Greely students look bad.