“Knock on Wood: Zero Problems”

Fall sports Covid 19 mitigation efforts appear to be working


Manny Mendoza

Greely Athletic Director David Shapiro

Manny Mendoza and Tim Walker

With school starting back up again, and students adjusting to five days a week, what does this mean for sports? Currently, Greely girls volleyball is the only indoor fall sport, which leaves the question of whether or not the players feel safe with covid protocols.


Indoor athletes must wear a mask during practice and competition.  Teams are not allowed to use the locker room so social distancing can be maintained.

“It has been ok,” 12th grader Olivia Weston said. “A little weird with all the covid protocols, but it’s definitely better than last year.”

Senior Olivia Weston

Although volleyball is the only indoor sport during the fall, winter will be a much different story: basketball, indoor track, indoor swimming, and hockey will all need to put up  with Covid 19 mitigations.  In a recent interview, Greely athletic director David Shapiro gave his thoughts on the winter protocols for dealing with the virus.

“Well that’s a good question. We haven’t been given any guidance on that yet. It’s probably gonna be just like what we are doing right now in the fall,” said Shapiro. “ Probably gonna be wearing a mask. We are allowing fans, and they gotta be masked up.” 

Shapiro then explained how fall sports have been going so far with covid protocol. 

“I’m reluctant to answer this because ‘knock on wood’ zero problems. We’ve had a close contact that I am aware of through competition in field hockey, but only one student had to quarantine out of that.”

Based on how many students are competing in fall sports, this is a very good sign for the future of both indoor and outdoor sports at Greely as the pandemic surges.

*Greely does not currently have a boys volleyball team.