In the Spotlight: SRO Amie Owen


Ranger Review Staff

School Resource Officer Amie Owen

Matiang Kouth, Ranger Review Staff

Student Resource Officer Amie Owens, is new to Greely but has many years of experience working in law enforcement and being a teacher. Prior to becoming the school resource officer, Owen had previously worked with the Portland Police department and had the opportunity to go to New Zealand to become a teacher. During her time in New Zealand she taught environmental education and loved her job. She explored the world for seven more years going to places such as Southeast Asia and Central America. Officer Owens is married and has an 11-month-old. When she is not the Greely SRO, she likes spending time with her family and doing activities outdoors.


Question: What made you want to become a SRO?

    I would say working with youth throughout my travels and through my teaching experience and building relationships that way and building relationships through youth crisis work. I wanted to work with youth in a law enforcement capacity and kind of join those two worlds.


Question: How do you plan to build positive relationships with students?

   My hope in building positive relationships with students is to engage with you all and interact with you all and have open lines of communication so that I can understand how best I can serve you. So I would like to come into classrooms, maybe more often than we’ve been able to in the past with the pandemic, and work with smaller groups, and make myself available to you guys.  But I think that the key component of that is listening and engaging.  


Question:  So I just wanted to know, if you were going to be a more permanent resource officer or if you’re going to do it for four years like Officer Mazuzan did?


That’s an excellent question. And one that unfortunately, I don’t have a ton of clarity on either. So Officer Mazuzan is out on leave right now. He’s still employed with Cumberland PD. But he’s out on leave.  So I’m here as the acting school resource officer. And if Officer Mazuzan were to come back to this role then he would take the position, and I would go back to patrol. If that doesn’t happen, then absolutely the plan is for me to stay for four years. And then that gets reevaluated after four years. So stakeholders, you guys, school administration, and the police department can kind of decide at that point. Is this a good working relationship? Or should we switch it out? Try something new.


Question: Are you working with administrators to control who is parking in their respective parking lots and who has parking passes and what not?


Yeah, that’s been a pretty big issue this year, hasn’t it? All the parking passes have been issued. But if you are seeing those types of issues, please don’t hesitate to tell us. That’s 100% something that we can address and that we want to address. I’m even dealing with parking issues on the staff side of the parking lot.