Free lunch, Cold Food

Free lunch, Cold Food

Luna Smith Mejia and Jack McKenney

Last school year, lunches were free for students because for many families the pandemic caused financial strain and hardship. Students would pick and order their lunch every morning so that by the afternoon they would get their hot lunches delivered to their advisory room. This year, school lunches will continue to be free. However, there are no more hot lunches. Instead lunches are served cold and are the same everyday. 

“School lunches need to be improved,” 12th grader Mia Raley said. “There are only cold options available.”

Students also wish there were more food choices.

“I definitely miss having hot lunches like the pasta, waffles and the french fries,” 11th grader Sophia Ippolito said. “It was a good balance. We had options which I liked. Now if you get lunch it’s like the same thing everyday.” 

Food service worker Molly Constable is unsure when or even if we will be able to get hot lunches back.  

“Hopefully, we will be able to do hot lunch again soon” Constable said. “Like everywhere else, we started the year understaffed and worried about food supply, so we needed to start with a menu we could prepare with the resources we had while ensuring options for all dietary and allergy needs.” 

Not all students are complaining about the new lunch menu, though. 12th grader Peter Rinehart acknowledges the lunch staff’s hard work to feed over 1000 students for lunch and 300 for breakfast. 

“I think cold lunches are fine,” 12th grader Peter Rinehart said. “Hot lunches would be nice, but they are already doing a really good job.”