As the weather cools, tempers heat up in the senior parking lot


Ranger Review Staff

Student car parked in senior lot with an invalid 20-21 student parking pass.

Steven Cass, Solon Perry, and Boden Iris

Since the start of the 2021-22 school year, a major issue has been the lack of parking spaces. Students have been subjected to parking down at the GMS lot since students from different classes have been parking in the wrong places.

Seniors drivers are especially upset, claiming juniors and sophomores are to blame for the lack of parking spaces. Both juniors and seniors have a designated lot; however, a handful of juniors have taken senior spots.

“Honestly, the juniors need to get out,”said 12th grader Aric Lyden. “We had to pay our dues where we had to go park down at the middle school and walk up everyday, and it’s alright right now I guess because it’s still nice out, but once the cold weather actually hits and we have to end up parking not in the senior lot, it’s not gonna be alright.”

Another problem is students parking with outdated parking passes or no pass at all. Seniors have to spend $50 to purchase a senior lot parking pass.

“I know a few [juniors] who park at the [senior lot], 11th grader Ben Marchessault said.  “I mean, obviously, I’m not gonna confront them about it, but it’s not cool. It’s not your right. “You shouldn’t do it.”