Coach Mothes Wins State Coach of the Year in Boys Ice Hockey


Photo provided by Coach Mothes

Barry Mothes, Boys Hockey Coach

Katherine Bennert, Ranger Review Reporter

Barry Mothes, the varsity boys hockey coach, won a state championship this past year, and now he gets to add another award to his resume. Coach Mothes won the State Coach of  the Year in Boys Ice Hockey from the National Federation of High School Sports.  This also makes him eligible to be selected as the National Coach of the Year.

Coach Mothes started watching hockey when he was six years old; he had a fascination with the Bruins teams in the early 70s with Bobby Orr. He started playing a year later in youth hockey in Manchester NH, where he grew up. His interest in hockey came from his two great aunts because they would always have the TV on when he slept over at their houses, and it would always be hockey playing. 

This is Mothes’ 26th year coaching for Greely, and it’s the only head coaching job he’s had. His inspiration to coach started when he was young, and he would organize street hockey games for him and a bunch of his friends. He said he always liked to pick the teams and organize where it was happening.

Mothes found out about this award in October, and it was a complete surprise to him. “I didn’t know the announcements were being made,” he said. “ But it is nice to be recognized and honored by people who pay attention to the sport.”

Even though Mothes is the head coach, he gave credit to the people around him. He believes this award is more of a team award, and that even though he is the head coach, the people who support him and play for him should get credit as well.

“I feel lucky to have such great assistants,” Mothes said. “I always think about the players. Everyone has a lot of contributions and everyone is working together.”

Senior defenseman Richard Walker met Coach Mothes when he coached Walker at Future Stars camp. That was when Walker was in 4th grade. He became his full-time coach freshman year and has been playing for him for over 3 years now. 

“In the locker room he becomes one of the guys,” said Walker.  “He sticks with the simple but effective leadership, and it works.”

Another current player, Captain Andy Moore, said that he was really happy for his coach and that everything he sees as a player shows how much he deserved this award.

“I think that his ability to build the team from the first day of practice to the end of the season separates him from other coaches. He puts a lot of time into our team and therefore people really buy-in to his coaching and we are always a much different, better team by March,” said Moore.