Inkwell “Celebrates Creativity”

Inkwell is accepting submissions until Jan. 31 for its 2020 publication.

The Inkwell logo

The Inkwell logo

Abby Brown, Ranger Review Reporter

Greely Inkwell is looking for submissions for its 2020 magazine, and students are encouraged to submit anything they’ve made! Short stories, poems, narratives, paintings, photography, and much more. 

“We publish art of all types,” says Inkwell’s co-advisor Susan Inman, “from paintings to photography to sculpture.  We publish all kinds of creative writing, from poetry to short stories, and including creative nonfiction.”

Inkwell is an art and literary magazine meant to ‘celebrate creativity,’ as the slogan says. It began almost 30 years ago, and Inkwell has yet to miss a year of publication. 

“Ms. Pinkham, a long-time English teacher at Greely, started it [Inkwell],” says Inman. “As far as I know, a group of students wanted to make a magazine, and Ms. Pinkham supported their wishes.

So, for all students who like creative writing or creating art in any form, Inkwell is the place to showcase your talents! The deadline for submissions is Jan. 31st, so act fast! Send your pieces to [email protected]

“Anybody who has any form of talent [should submit], which is like everybody in the school,” says junior Inkwell staff member Ahmed Saleh. 

What happens once you submit your piece? Inkwell staff anonymously goes through all the writing and art submissions and picks the pieces that they see most fit to be featured in the magazine– and don’t worry about bias since your name is not included during the selection period. Then the staff puts it all together and sends it off to a publisher. To celebrate their publication, Inkwell holds an unveiling party at the school’s art show in May where you can pick up a free copy of the book. 

Inkwell serves an important role at Greely.

“It has been a haven for those who love writing and art,” says Inman.  “We do wish more students had a better understanding of what Inkwell is. We’re so proud of it and of the students who take the time to submit their work.” 

So don’t let your old creative writing pieces or art projects sit and collect dust. Use this opportunity to dust them off and showcase them! 

“We may not publish your literary analysis paper on Huck Finn,” says Inman, “but we’d love to see your narrative about your Nana.”