Desk Podcast #6: Jan Treadwell


Mrs. Jan Treadwell

Mr. Greenleaf, Advisor

What does a desk say about its occupant? In this podcast series we will visit Greely High School teachers and administrators and have them visually describe for you what’s on their desk.  We’ll discover the story behind the objects, the people in the pictures–or maybe the pets in the pictures–as well as what’s inside their desk that we can’t see–with their permission, of course. You and I will get to know the people we see each day a little better.

Episode #6

What do these numbers mean? Take a listen as I talk to Mrs. Treadwell who has been teaching for 33 years at Greely and 41 years total. She has seen a lot of changes since she began teaching in 1978.

I think you’ll “dig” what she says.

Listen to the interview: