Students Do Have a Voice–Student Government


Corinne Ahearn, Ranger Review Reporter

Student Government has many goals in mind for the 2019-2020 school year. Their goals are separated into three different categories: sustainability, school culture, and academics. In terms of sustainability, a big goal is to reduce the school’s carbon footprint. 

“[Student government] is about changing different policies in the school as our culture progresses,” said senior Anna Raley.

“We are planning on eliminating more plastic within the cafeteria due to the climate crisis.” 

Senior Amelia Greenlee said that student government plans on eventually installing solar panels to reduce carbon emissions, an idea that was proposed this year.

One of the ways student government plans on improving school culture is by incorporating art into the hallways.

“We are planning on making the school more colorful by painting murals,” said Anna Raley

When it comes to academics, student government plans on making AP and IB testing more accessible to all students. By using school funds, they hope to reduce the $90 fee each student must pay to take each exam.

“We are trying to get more financial aid for AP and IB exams,” said Greenlee. 

Student government also hopes to make these exams less mandatory for students who do not wish to take the exams but still want to participate in upper level classes. In addition, they are working on homework policies and would like to make the workload on students more bearable.

“We hope to create positive changes at Greely,” said Raley. 

Both Raley and Greenlee feel that students do not know how powerful their voice really is. Student government is an entirely student-run program and actually makes a difference in the way our school functions as a whole. 

“If you have a problem with the school, come to student government.” Raley said. 

“Students do have a voice.”