GHS Early Release Wednesdays: Staying or Going?

GHS Early Release Wednesdays: Staying or Going?

Jane Lipp, Ranger Review Contributor

The Maine Education Association (MEA) allows Greely High School to have early release Wednesdays during every full five-day week of school. School ends an hour earlier for students on early release days to provide teachers with extra time to plan and work collaboratively with other faculty. GHS half-days have become a regular part of  the school week. However, school staff, parents, administrators, school board members and community representatives are all looking towards a potential change. 

Principal Chris Hoffman and English teacher Joan Guild believe the extra time on early release Wednesdays is very helpful to teachers and faculty. 

I think teachers need dedicated time to work with one another across departments and we don’t have time to do that on a regular school day,” said Guild.

Hoffman discussed the alternative options on the table which will take into account both district and family needs. 

“I know Fridays are on the table as an option. I think that probably works better for students and families in terms of going into the weekend with more time,” said Hoffman. “I think it would probably be more challenging for me and other staff members as its hard to stay motivated on a Friday afternoon.”

Another option being considered is fewer early release Wednesdays.

“I would probably be in favor of keeping [early release Wednesdays] the same, the way it has been, or reducing the number of Wednesdays that we have, but making the day even shorter,” said Hoffman. 

Whatever day it falls on Greely is likely to continue having early release days. 

“My understanding is that [Greely] has been doing [half-days] for thirty to 40 years,” said Hoffman.