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2019 Library Survey Results

Results Show Support for the New Electronic Pass System

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2019 Library Survey Results

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2019 Library Survey Results


  • 288 Greely students completed the survey.


    • The services offered by the library that were rated most important by students were


  • “A quiet place to work/study/read/relax.”
  • “A wide selection of books/reading material.”


  • 71% of the students who completed the survey had visited the library this year for a study hall.


  • 71% of the respondents had checked out at least one book this year.


  • 91% of the students who completed the survey agreed with the statement “The library supports student growth academically and as individuals.”


  • 40% of the respondents prefer the electronic passes.
    44.4% had no preference, they liked both the paper and the electronic passes.
    Only 15.6% preferred paper passes.


  • When asked, “Is the electronic pass system something you could (or already did) get used to?”
    50.6% of students said “Definitely”
    26.6% responded “Yes if I must.”
    17% said they could get used to the new system but don’t love it
    5.8% really don’t like the electronic passes

    • When we looked at the comments of those respondents who said they didn’t like the electronic passes, we found that the largest objections was having to get passes for lunch. The lunch pass is something we implemented with the support of the school’s administrators to increase student accountability during lunch periods.

Some Comments We’d Like to Respond To:

Many people expressed a desire to be able to skip going to their study hall to check in before coming to the library.

Unfortunately, this step is unavoidable. Students need to go to their study halls so that attendance can be taken by the study hall teacher, who is the teacher of record for that period.


“The chairs in between the bookshelves should go back by the heater”

The custodians asked us to move those chairs to prevent damage to the heater that was being caused by students putting their feet on it and sitting or leaning on it.


“The Library fills up too quick because everyone does it hours in advance.”

We investigated this and found that the only times passes have run out before the start of school (they first become available at 6:30 am) have been for lunches or periods that were limited because of a class.


  • Our priority during 3rd period is for the students who have study hall, so we limit the number of lunchers in order to keep it quiet for them.
  • When classes need access to the library, they get priority over study hall use.
  • We do our best to permit as many study hall students and lunchers as possible while still maintaining a quiet work environment.



“I guess I’m just asking why we can’t sit more than 4 to a table if we are respecting all the rules.”

When there are more than 4 people seated at those tables, there is not enough room for students to have real work out on the table.  The tendency is often to socialize rather than study, which gets too loud for the rest of the people in the library. In our experience, we too seldom see the rules being respected when there are more than 4 at a table.


“The part where you have to go into your email and scroll down is a bother.”

Many students have shared with us that the app makes the process less cumbersome.  Additionally, we do not always have to scan your QR code to check you in, though it is the fastest process.  We can always check you in by name and we’re happy to do so–just ask us!


“Sometimes I feel like I can’t even whisper in the library without getting shushed. I understand that it is supposed to be quiet, but if I want to ask my friends questions or just want to talk quietly, I feel like that should be allowed.”

This is hard for us, too. We have to balance the needs of students who come to the library for quiet with the needs of students who need to communicate with each other. We certainly don’t mind the occasional quiet talking when necessary, what we can’t allow is outright socializing because it’s such a distraction to others. The Commons is an alternative if you need a space that is more tolerant of noise.


“The fact that I have to get a pass at the beginning of the day rather than being able stop by if I need to is pretty frustrating” and “What if students don’t have access to the internet at home?”

As we noted above, the passes rarely run out before school starts and are in fact available for many periods throughout the day, just as they were when we had paper passes. Everyone has access to internet at school and should have no problem getting a pass using their laptop (you don’t have to do it on a phone) once they’re in the building*.

*We can always make exceptions for extenuating circumstances.  It never hurts to ask!


“Some people go to the library for the social aspect of it and it is very bothersome in my opinion hearing them being loud and the librarians constantly having to shush them.” and “I wish it was more quiet.”

We agree!  We do our best to maintain a balance of being understanding of students who need a space to do group work while maintaining a hushed environment conducive for studying.  Students who are being disruptive or distracting may be asked to split up or to return to study hall.

Some Comments We’d Just Like to Share:

“It [the electronic pass] is quicker and faster and more convenient.”

“It’s [the electronic passes] so much better than the paper passes that I would lose every day. And you don’t have to go into the library to get it so there is no line and clutter in the morning when everyone is trying to get a pass.”

“The more books the merrier” and “More books!!!!!”

“The library is great! I like the book selection a lot.”

“I love the attentive library staff and the atmosphere of the library. Being surrounded by books totally lifts my mood!”

“I enjoy visiting the library during study hall as it is a quiet place where I can focus on my work.”

“Good place to study.”


Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey!

Mrs. Perkinson & Mrs. Kunzweiler


Survey Photo  Creative Commons

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2019 Library Survey Results