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The Greely Goof is a parody section of the Ranger Review that focuses on the lighthearted side of our school. Featuring the four Goons, Abigail Cloutier, Hayden Cieniawski, Colby Santana, and George Kendall, the goal is to inform and entertain our students and staff.


Fantastic Faculty–An Ongoing Series

Abigail Cloutier

Seen above, Ms.Burroughs drafting what is now known as “Redbone”

Greely Goof Exclusive.    December 11, 2018

We recently learned that Greely High School’s own Ms. Burroughs is the lyrical genius behind the works of Donald Glover, or as he is more commonly known in the music industry, Childish Gambino.

In a recent interview, Ms. Burroughs revealed that she and Glover went way back, saying “We’ve always been close friends, even before all of the fame and fortune.”  She added, “We used to brainstorm new and interesting song ideas, seeing just how experimental we could get. I was more involved in the songwriting process, and he was the one who performed.”

Ms. Burroughs has always been intrigued by the workings of poetry and rhyming, so songwriting came naturally to her. As they grew up, however, they began to pursue different career choices. “He began to expand into so many different careers,” she said.

Glover is a renowned comedian, writer, actor, director, and artist. It was only recently that Glover reached out to Ms. Burroughs asking to team up once again.

“When he reached out to me I was surprised, but glad.” The two joined to create “Awaken, My Love!” which grew to be RIAA: Platinum certified and sold over 100,000 copies.

Hayden Cieniawski

Abigail Cloutier

November 20, 2018

On November 8th, 2018, Greely High School Principal Mr. Hoffman, while wearing a casual business suit, broke the world record for lifting the heaviest chair and became the new heavyweight chair lifting champion. The photo above, taken by the Ranger Reviews very own Abigail Cloutier, shows just how proud Greely’s principal was of the milestone. However, what the image does not capture is the crowd behind the photo. All of Cumberland and North Yarmouth gathered to witness the momentous occasion. This was a “historical moment for Greely,” stated Mr. Hoffman. He says he couldn’t have done it without all the support from “friends, family, and most importantly, the outstanding students and faculty.” The Guinness Book of World Records will commend the occasion by offering Mr. Hoffman a medal as well as a spot in their 2019 edition this Wednesday. The school is in the process of planning an assembly for this tremendous achievement.

Hayden Cieniawski