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What does a desk say about its occupant? In this podcast series we will visit Greely High School teachers and administrators and have them visually describe for you what’s on their desk.  We’ll discover the story behind the objects, the people in the pictures–or maybe the pets in the pictures–as well as what’s inside their desk that we can’t see–with their permission, of course. You and I will get to know the people we see each day a little better.


Epidsode #4 

Time to get in shape! In episode 4 we visit Mrs. Geoghan who teaches physical education and has a “documentarian” desk profile. Not only do we learn about interesting moments from her life, but we also learn what a “woodle” is.

The answer will surprise you!


Link to interview:


Episode #3   In this episode I go downstairs and interview the new French teacher, Mr. Mainois.  We discuss his 8 feet 4 inches of desk space, his one cup of coffee that lasts all day, and the day he woke up and decided to teach himself French.

Link to interview:

Mr. Mainois, his coffee and his 8 feet four inches of neat and cluttered desks.

Episode #2  In the second episode, I interview the new Spanish teacher, Mr. Nutt.  He is a minimalist and I’m a clutterer.   In our discussion, I learn we have a lot in common.  He also tells me that he “admirers” clutterers.  His words, not mine.

Minor Correction: When talking about his girlfriend’s work environment, he confused a previous place of employment for Maine Medical Center.

Link to interview:

Mr. Nutt’s minimalist desk.  December 2018

Episode #1  In this first episode Mr. Greenleaf reflects about his own desk, his Tanzania water bottle, and his frog tape dispenser.

Mr. Greenleaf’s desk.  11/27/18



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