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The Return of the Buses: With Finished Construction, Daily Buses Return to Original Location

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Morgan Selby

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Building Nostalgia
October 4, 2018
Bridget Lary

The Greely Performing Arts Center is externally finished, and as of Tuesday, Nov. 13, the adjacent parking lot is open in the mornings allowing for a return to the original bus patterns. For the 17 buses that serve both Greely Middle and High School, there will be a significant change in traffic flow.


This return to the original pick-up and drop-off locations on the Tuttle Road side of the campus will prevent traffic jams with student drivers and school buses–happening in the mornings and after school–as they will no longer be arriving at the same entrance. For students and student drivers pressed on time to get to after-school practices, reducing the traffic and student overflow in the sports lobby will be beneficial.


Some students, however, report concerns with the change, as they have nearly missed their buses, having to walk a longer distance in the allotted time between the last period bell and the buses leaving. Between collecting belongings, leaving class, and maybe a stop by a locker, it’s easy for five minutes to fly by. If students then have to walk the length of the school, in contrast with their previous, shorter jaunt, it could be exceedingly easy to miss a bus–and this doesn’t even include if students were unaware of the shift.


School officials have asked that parents now drop their children off in the area closer to the gymnasium and the pool and not near the main entrance to the new building on the Tuttle Road side. With the buses in the staff lot and parent drop-off in the other, the buses can remain on time.


Story Design: Ella Normandeau


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