November 15, 2018


For 2 weeks, 20 students and 3 teachers from Lycée Edouard Schuré, a school in Barr, France came to America and stayed with host families from Greely. Exchange students observed the daily life of the average Greely student, the culture, and expanded their knowledge about the English language. The exchange students also got to visit  New York City, Boston, Augusta, Quebec and many also went to Freeport and Portland.


Eva Vuillemin was one of the 20 exchange students who came to America and was happy to be coming to see a new country. Eva said, “I expected something, I don’t know warmer, or colder with, snow, I didn’t expect this weather.”  On her way here she couldn’t wait to see New York.

While here, exchange students experienced new cultures and expanded their knowledge on the world. The exchange students stayed with host families and tried many new things. For example, students also got the chance to do some fun fall traditions like pumpkin carving.


Eva said the greatest difference between her country and America was sports in school because in France they are “not as important as it is in America…”.  In our school sports are a major part of our culture. They are a way to spread school spirit and a way for us to get active and have fun as a team. Along with our sports, Eva said that food was also very different because of the fat content in American cuisine.


Eva said that she understood the language but that sometimes “…it was very hard to just understand what happened because there are a lot of expressions like “Oh my god, I am going to kill myself.”  She also learned a lot about our culture and our slang and how we talk. Eva said, “I think I’m a better speaker here at the end of my stay, so I’m sure my English teacher would say ‘oh my god!’”


Aside from just learning more of the language, she said she would take back, “… all of the things I have learned because I have a book where I write everything I’ve done….” In the end Eva said that she plans on keeping in touch with her host family and would love to come back sometime as this experience has made her more open to the world.


Story Design: Ella Normandeau


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  1. Egélé Maryse on November 16th, 2018 9:12 am

    Merci beaucoup pour ce beau travail !
    Thank you for your good job !This exchange between our 2 school is really perfect ! There’s no better way to learn about culture, to meet people and discover a new country and build bridges over oceans, learn tolerance and experience friendship !

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